Teens come do something meaningful once a month on Sunday, visit with a lonely senior and make their day! Enhance your visits before upcoming Holidays with provided stories and activities. Bring a moment of joy to the life of a senior.

Location: Fleischman Residence, 6710 W Maple Rd

Our Program
Smile on Seniors is an innovative program that aims to meet the needs of the seniors within our community by connecting them with willing and capable volunteers such as yourselves. It has been proven time and time again that consistent human interactions can greatly impact the quality of life of the aged, and those who interact with seniors are in the position to accomplish a tremendous amount.

Our Activities
SOS is designed to enable seniors to develop intimate on-going relationships with volunteers. As part of the program, you are encouraged to share Torah thoughts, stories, or relevant information about upcoming Jewish holidays. SOS will provide you with the necessary materials weekly. The time spent with the seniors will be utilized to its utmost so that they are able to benefit from and enjoy it as much as possible.

It takes just minutes to change a person’s entire week.
Smile On Seniors is a unique volunteer program, created to enhance the lives of local seniors.

Many of us have parents or family who are seniors, living alone or in senior facilities. If we live locally, we visit as often as we can. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that there is someone who will supplement those visits, someone who cares in a most loving way?

And that’s where Smile On Seniors steps in. SOS matches volunteers with local seniors for a weekly visit, bringing joy and a sense of caring to many.

With your help, our mission and goal is to visit every Jewish senior in our area!

Imagine what a difference you can make…
By setting aside time each week to visit a local senior and showing that you care. The seniors look forward to the weekly visits and the friendships they bring. Just a small part of your week can make an incredible difference in their lives.

Knowing that someone is giving of their time to share thoughts and feelings, to lend an ear, or to simply hold their hand is reason enough for them to smile—all week long. 

 Teens come do something meaningful once a month on Sundays at 3:00 pm, visit with a lonely senior and make their day!