Dear Parents,

We are pleased to have your child in our school this year; we will make every effort to ensure that he/she has a stimulating and rewarding Jewish learning experience. Most of the learning will take place during school time, but we will be assigning a minimal amount of homework and the children are required to give study time for contests and special projects. Please see that your child completes these assignments. Your positive attitude towards Hebrew School will encourage your child to maximize his/her potential. It is important that your child not miss any sessions unnecessarily. The first day of school is Sunday, November 6th Register here

Times: 10:00AM - 12:00PM 

Location: 32000 Middlebelt Rd.

Family Programs: We have arranged Family Programs to celebrate holidays and other special occasions. Please check the school calendar and save these dates. It is especially meaningful to the children to have their parents participate in these programs.

Books and Supplies: We will be providing the children will books and supplies. Please remind your child to bring: a kipa for boys, and small change for Tzedakah (charity). Putting money in a charity box teaches your child to be kind and charitable.

Items of Value: We ask that children do not come to school with i-pods, game boys, trading cards, cell phones or anything of value or which may be disturbing to the class.

Check out our website: for school pictures, special events and updates.

Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy new year.

Mrs. Tzippy Misholovin
Principal [email protected]